A doll on strings

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Steampunk heels equipped with gears, tubes and LED lights / The Trendaholic


I would wear these so so madly, I would, I really would.

….its like rabbit and the spine had a baby and the baby turned out to be a pair of fancy shoes

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Tags fashion steampunk heels I guess the good thing about having bad feet that can't wear pretty shoes is that I won't hunt this pair of shoes down and spend a bomb to b speaking of which the pain in my right knee has been getting worse lately...

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When Lightning’s falling into the chaos and soon realizes she doesn’t want to be alone she begs for help from what seemed at first, an inevitable task: protecting everyone, and that included  Hope, from Bhunivelze in the new world.  The reason why she rapidly changed her mind was because the fake Serah brought her to reason and made it possible for Lightning to accept Lumina, her rejected soul’s fragment. She became human again, she had her humanity back. She was a whole again instead of a fragmented being who’s true self was tore apart long before God was even pulling the strings. She only opened her heart to the two people she trusted the most, her beloved sister and now her partner, Hope, who calmed her down by greeting her with “It’s okay. We could hear you, Light. Let’s go. We’ll be together." She felt what she thought was lost long ago, hope. She found the hope he was named for. And so, the journey ends, and the last words she says are the words she memorized from her partner and friend, Hope Estheim.

"This journey is over. I wonder when the next will begin. I only know… that soon, we’ll be together.

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